13 Thirteen (!)

Some people get goose bumps, become like a hedgehog when they see the number ’13’ or hear the word ‘thirteen’ and they say ‘Alas! What will happen to me now!’. ‘Friday’ is added to this number in non-muslim countries. Above all if the 13th of the month coincides with ‘Friday’; they even don’t go out, they light candles because of their fear. There is not number ’13’ on the doors on many of the streets. There is not 13th floor on skyscrapes so the elevator stops at 14th floor after 12th.

Now, if anybody who knows mathematics go ahead and start to make an addition. 5 plus 7 plus 1 plus make what? Answer is of course 13… So what happened? I mean what speciality has this number? Answer: Our dear prophet the lord of the universe was born in the year 571.
Anybody who knows mathematics make an addition again:1 plus 4 plus 5 plus 3 plus make what? Answer is of course ’13’. So what happened in the year of 1453? Children even know this: A dark era collapsed and an "age of light" began. Our İstanbul was conquered…

Now some people say that ‘we are muslims’ and even live in İstanbul. They also attemp to say that the number ’13’, which is the date of birth of Muhammed (aleyhisselam) and also the date of the conquest of İstanbul, that our prophet announced, is cursed:
Alas alas!..

1- In our beautiful religion; Islam, none of the days, animals or things is cursed…

Muammer Erkul

Translated from Turkish to English by: Râyet Su Erkul
This article, written by Muammer Erkul, was published in the newspaper “Türkiye” on 8th March 2009, Monday.

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