Chips, cat, and what a pity!

(Why the one who eat the first chips, wants also to eat the last one?)

You will not forget my observation below and also, me too…
You must have heard: İf ‘mono sodium glutamad’ is mixed in any food, the human brain is suprised and senses that food tastes wonderfull. Tasty, salty, hot, doesn’t matter; you believe the food in front of you, is the most beautiful food ever! So, the producers of nutrition profit very much by using MSG… Following these writings it is mentioned that  this additive is used quite wide in many aliments like; soupmix, meatball morter, bouillon cube, ice cream, yoghurt coloured and chips…

The third day of Bairam, the weather was great, one of the children who enjoy his holiday, was playing with a cat on the terrace. By the way, he was eating chips… The cat smelled a small piece of chips which was dropped onto the floor, ate it and started to look for more chips.  The boy, first, couldn’t understand that the cat wants to eat chips. But then, when he saw that the cat was triying to reach the pack, he tougt: ‘i will give him some, then he will understand that it is not a kind of his type of food!” But… The cat started to eat his very spicy chips, and asked for again. The boy was suprised, and gave him one more… He was used to being licked and biten his fingers by the cat but the very suprising ‘even make him shout’ that cat was biting and also making his finger bleed, thinking the finger covered with chips, was a tasty food! And the cat was not aware of what’s going on… A little later, the other cats came and tucked into the chips. They even ate the dated bread in which there are some chips was stucked and they even ate the pieces of wet newspaper messed with dust of chips (for testing the cats) in the pack…

Please attention! We eat what ‘acquisitives’ want! They grilled the potatos, which are 1 lira per kilo, and make us eat! British Heart Foundation said: ‘A child who eats chips 35 gram per diem, actually eats 5 litres friying oil per year!’.  Read more and the health effects of MSG is on:

Muammer Erkul

Translated from Turkish to English by: Rayet Su Erkul

This article, written by Muammer Erkul, was published in the newspaper “Türkiye” on 28th November 2010, Sunday.

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