Finally you have understood that we are smarter than all of you but also, you have showed everyone that how unskillful you are. You couldn’t do it because you had started with a bad intentions. The fact is, in front of you like a mirror now, and you are allDevamı

Whereas, i have come!.. I am there, look in depth; reach your inside,keep my hand, take me!.. Dou you feel i am away? I am not… Did you feel i am away? I was, not! I was there!.. I was holding your face between my hands, and your yellow wings,Devamı

(Why the one who eat the first chips, wants also to eat the last one?) You will not forget my observation below and also, me too… You must have heard: İf ‘mono sodium glutamad’ is mixed in any food, the human brain is suprised and senses that food tastes wonderfull.Devamı

(This article is for youngs¸ mothers and fathers don’t read!..)   There is a lamp lights on the direction panel of the car. We looked at the book¸ it says us to go nearest servise by not giving brake if it is possible. We obeyed  the instruction and left theDevamı

Yesterday i bought a film and watched it at night. Three specialities of the film for me are these: It was happening in a train wagon, leading roles belonged to two Turkish girls and the price of the film came down to 2.49 tl… Next to this film there isDevamı

Some people get goose bumps, become like a hedgehog when they see the number ’13’ or hear the word ‘thirteen’ and they say ‘Alas! What will happen to me now!’. ‘Friday’ is added to this number in non-muslim countries. Above all if the 13th of the month coincides with ‘Friday’;Devamı

  If you were İstanbul; I would throw myself onto the sea by crying out like a gull which cannot find any bough to setle! If you were İstanbul… If you were İstanbul, towards love… If you stayed in front of the sundown in the evening time by wrapping yourselfDevamı