Give Our Rums Back!

Finally you have understood that we are smarter than all of you but also, you have showed everyone that how unskillful you are. You couldn’t do it because you had started with a bad intentions. The fact is, in front of you like a mirror now, and you are all just look and do not like yourselves.
Right now, you regard them as a gall, but once upon a time you got them beside as a trump.
Well then, you are in a worse situation than the camels whose hunchback are ‘more’ for their own back.

For many years we have been keep saying the very that thing. We have been just talking about the plastical borders, which seperates up the geographies, disturb everybody! And also we mention about the Greek liras…
Did you come to the same point?

There is no need to belabour: Give us back our Rums(*)…
We had no problems with them even before you poke your noses into their job!


The Grec uniforms, that you made Rums (of our İstanbul and Western Anatolia) wear; saying "good for you" and applause, endure hardly up to here.
Along three generations you have been gunning the car up but, it brought your aim barely up to here…
It is also big virtue that you got your minds!
Come on, give back our Rums and, at least, from now on let them free…

"Rum"s are ours; because some of them are from our Imperial territories and some part of them are old neighbours who migrated from our neigborhood.

We have old neigbours behind all our borders, not just at West. Even before the borders were drew between us (on the map-papers with rulers), we were walking around on the same streets, buying into the same bazaars, drinking from the same fountains with them…

Wings of eagles are opened like skies!

Emperorship is a huge shadow over the societies…

Now, do you assume that the borders, were drew once upon a time on the grounds with sticks, will last forever or something?
Don’t know how many of you reading this article will see "(even) Rome" be ours!

-Hoşbulduk! Hello, it’s good to see you!

Muammer Erkul

(*) Translator’s note:
Cristians who stay in East-Rome, lived for 450 years with Turks in peace. Some forces, who want to demolish the Ottoman Empire, provoked and made armed these people called ‘RUM’. This forces, drew lines for the Rums in the territory of old Greeks. Now, many of immigrants, originated from İstanbul and Western Anatolia, live in country called "Greece" or "Greek". 

Translated from Turkish to English by: Rayet Su Erkul

This article, written by Muammer Erkul, was published in the newspaper “Türkiye” on 17th June 2012, Sunday.

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