Mess on fuel tank!..

(This article is for youngs¸ mothers and fathers don’t read!..)


There is a lamp lights on the direction panel of the car. We looked at the book¸ it says us to go nearest servise by not giving brake if it is possible. We obeyed  the instruction and left the car there that night… Some times later; before a journey again¸ the lamp lighted once again¸ things went wrong¸ car went to service again…

And so person is ennoyed when pays money that much and things  have a hitch and also can’t learn where problem comes from… As to the car¸ still unwilling to function every morning¸ troublesome when changing gears and make person anxious¸ shaking when going on.

And sometimes who know the same difficulties¸ say: ‘you tank up at the wrong filling station’!..
And this¸ is more ennoying; because every filling station looks like another one. You choose one¸ draw near¸ open the clack and attach the tip of fuel pumps to opening of the petrol tank. How you can know that there are foreign substances in the fuel which are harmful for the motor and which make drive lower?..

So what will happen? I said?..
They said that there are substances to rebound the burning. You will try several times. How nice if they burn the mess that your petrol tank has… If not… If not¸ it can be required to your tank be taken apart and then fixed even after be claired!

So¸ giving my own money¸ did i buy troubles that waste my life at the some stations that i don’t know?
Yes¸ i guess¸ it happens just like that! 

Why i told this¸ do you know friends?

Almost all of us¸ we constantly full our tanks¸ hearing aids on ears by listening some words over and over¸ trying to understand them and humming them. Okey but¸ we full with what?

Believe me¸ when fulling the tank¸ person is not aware of this¸ even can not think if there is anything harmful¸ unknown¸ dangerous?..
Person can not think but; believe me¸ it is very difficult¸ even not possible¸ mostly¸ to out what enter into us!

Muammer Erkul

Translated from Turkish to English by: Rayet Su Erkul
This article, written by Muammer Erkul, was published in the newspaper “Türkiye” on 28th February 2010, Monday.

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