Do you think i am away?

Whereas, i have come!.. I am there, look in depth; reach your inside,keep my hand, take me!..
Dou you feel i am away? I am not…
Did you feel i am away? I was, not!

I was there!.. I was holding your face between my hands, and your yellow wings, skying, was grazing my fingers… And the world was throughougly green below the stars!..
Country, and sky all over, and the rays of all the lights, flowing as a river, beyond time;
was green, and all green…

My inside was being poured into your eyes;
From the very topmost!..

It was a kind of forest lake; your eyes, among the long and long sedges; shining… These eyes was being ‘dark green’ as if, in the depth of the forests, they were like a lake which mirrors every single colour of rain saturated branches;
When your lips, were waiting for me, to be closed!..
When you were observing me with the eyes set to drain;
I was being poured into your eyes!

Now i am…
After rolling from the mountains, and filling you… Where could i go, as a wingless bird, even tough you open your doors?..
you are, my, cage!..
And my breath that i can not go away from… That i hold…
Holding my inside!

Dou you feel i am away? I am not… Did you feel i am away? I was, not! And will you feel allways that i am away?..
Whereas; i won’t be away!..

Just look, i have come again.
I am there…
Reach inside of you, hold my hand; take me!..

Muammer Erkul

Translated from Turkish to English by: Rayet Su Erkul
This article, written by Muammer Erkul, was published in the newspaper “Türkiye” on 12th December 2010, Sunday.

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