What is your mission?

Yesterday i bought a film and watched it at night. Three specialities of the film for me are these: It was happening in a train wagon, leading roles belonged to two Turkish girls and the price of the film came down to 2.49 tl…
Next to this film there is a film named ‘120’ that we filmed somehow. (about the Armenian groups in Russian war.) It is sold 8 times more expensive than first film; as if in order not to be bought…
The film ‘120’ that we made among the thousands of sours of Turkish people is 20 tl, the film of the Turkish girls who made an effort to realise the sours of Jewish is, 2.5 tl…

People who reserve even the holiday for 25 years later because you couldn’t find a jar for cramming your money into!
You gave a role about Turkish history to these girls and they didn’t act a part?..
Gentelments who know the 70 names of kebab restaurants in 7 continents!
Have you ever wondered 7 names of scenarists?..
Rich widows who thinks constantly to go to Mekke to make a pilgrimage another 20 times more than they have to!

Have you ever tought: Since the film ‘Message/Çağrı’ (Mustafa Akkad’s film in which Anthony Queen acted a part) why there haven’t been any director who can make films like that.
We shouldn’t watch the ‘x’ channel, because one of the partner of it is Jewish!
We shouldn’t drink ‘x’ water, cause it belongs to Jewish…

Hair, nail, car, wall, textile, newspaper paints, cleaning stuffs, technological products and the seeds of the cucumber that you eat…
They all are Jewish’s. You don’t care!

If it is forbidden to trade with Jewish our Prophet of Islam didn’t do it!

Your problem is; laziness!

They work, you don’t work; they have a mission, you haven’t got one.
Jewish makes you watch their film, read their book, and they inoculate you with their sours!
What about you?

In fact we are so lazy that; instead of working hard and getting ahead of the others, we hope that the other don’t work and stay behind us!
If it goes that way, we will make an history with that mark: ‘Their mission is not having mission’

Come on!
Do something!
At least speak: Stimulate people, who have money, to make written romans, make written a script, make realised films. And let be your mission is; to load a mission to unmissionned people!

Muammer Erkul

Translated from Turkish to English by: Rayet Su Erkul
This article, written by Muammer Erkul, was published in the newspaper “Türkiye” on 4th October 2009, Sunday.

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